ABN AMRO has been active in field hockey for many years. The bank sponsors more than 55 hockey associations throughout the Netherlands and has been involved in the Euro Hockey League since its inception. ABN AMRO wants to use its sponsorships to help maintain the high level of sports in the Netherlands and to support talented athletes at every level. The theme of the bank’s sponsorship policy is ‘Partner of the Future’. ABN AMRO helps talented people develop, including Dutch hockey players. The bank founded the ABN AMRO Hockey Academy, a training institute for young talents. In collaboration with ABN AMRO, FabriQ produced a series of videos for the Partner of the Future campaign. The backbone of this series was a masterclass for young new talents that were coached by their club idols and pro hockey players. We produced videos for all ABN AMRO-related pro hockey teams without loosing the clubculture of each team. FabriQ is proud to be a part of this campaign that helps young enthusiastic talents to reach their goals.