CEV DELA European Championship Beach Volleyball

TIG Sports

During the 2018 CEV DELA Europeans Championships Beach Volleyball, we wanted a solution that could connect the whole event and all the locations into a seamless setup. The European Championships was the first event, organized in The Netherlands, making use of remote production control on a large scale.

Temporary stadiums in Utrecht, Apeldoorn and Rotterdam were connected via a lighting-fast optical fibre connection to a production vehicle in the beating heart op the tournament: The Hague. The setup involved up to 11 HD Cameras (including super slow-motion functionality) per location, 10Gbit/s circuit throughout the network and a total of 40 HD-SDI outputs in The Hague. The connectivity also included multiple feeds used for satellite distribution and signals to the Dutch broadcaster NOS.

This production gave us the change to try something new. We integrated high-tech media feeds and communication technology into the entire event. Our technical partners implemented the concept to perfection. We learned a tremendous amount from this experience, and we will apply this new expertise in future projects. We believe it’s a game changer for capturing live sport events.